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Torimitsu Japanese chicken cuisine
* We accept reservation orders the day before and more * Shipping charges vary depending on the distance. * Free shipping on purchases of 1,500,000 VDN or more. * Delivery is outsourced to Ahamove. [Chicken wings salt] You can enjoy the original taste of the chicken by using the original blended salt for a light finish. [Chicken wings sauce] The sister store, Nagoya Main Store, has won the highest gold award in the chicken wings category for the third consecutive year. The taste of a famous Nagoya store that uses the secret sauce. 【Oyakodon】 The sister store, Nagoya Main Store, won the Gold Award for the 5th consecutive year at the Donburi Grand Prix. A full-fledged oyakodon with a slightly sweet flavor that is made by drawing soup stock from several types of bonito and iriko jaws from Kagoshima prefecture and finishing it with a special warishita.
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